Architectural and Design Studio Peter Podstawski

About the company

The Arch-Pro  Architectural and Design Studio was founded by the architect Peter Podstawski in 2005. His many years’ professional experience, commitment and passion led to the creation of a well-integrated, dynamic team of professionals who specialise in designing modern single- and multi-family residential buildings.  

Arch-Pro cooperates closely with the development company ACTIV INVESTMENT Sp. z o.o., which results in building designs based on an in-depth analysis of the market, carried out within the framework of the development activity, as well as on the knowledge and experience of the architects. 

The Arch-Pro studio offers comprehensive services

in the field of design and construction work

in the course of the administrative and investment process.

Additionally, during the implementation of the projects,

our employees guarantee author’s supervision

and technical consultancy, and, if necessary,

they participate in the procedure to

put the facility into operation.  

30-349 Kraków,
ul. Lipińskiego 3a,
NIP: 641-233-26-83
tel.: +48 12 397 12 36,
fax: +48 12 397 12 40
About the company
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